Brand Ambassador

Toy Adventures is pleased to introduce our best Loyalty offer yet - Be a Brand Ambassador for Toy Adventures and get Great Vouchers to spend on any toy you want.

That is correct, we have decided to reward our own customers for their loyalty by offering a R50 voucher for each new customer you bring to us.

It's very simple, just ask your friends that you have told about Toy Adventures already, to quote any of your invoice numbers in the comment box at checkout and we will send you a R50 voucher to spend at Toy Adventures within 30 days for the first successful purchase they made.  Vouchers will expire end of 2019.

There is no limit on the amount of vouchers that you can get, and if YOU buy from us, YOU can also quote your own invoice number on your current purchase (you don't have to register a new account with us), and we will also send you a R50 voucher as you are already a loyal customer of Toy Adventures.  This voucher can then be used for your next purchase. 

To make life even easier, we have attached a PDF document that you can forward to your friends that explain the loyalty program and would be easy for them to quote your number.

It's as easy as that.  Imagine, if you get 10 friends to buy from Toy Adventures, you will get R500 in vouchers that you can use on ANY product you buy and because it's over R499, we will even deliver it FREE!!

There is no catch, we just would rather pay the marketing money to our own customers than to an agent or google.

Terms and Conditions apply.