LEGO Brick Fair 2017!!

The LEGO Brick Fair 2017 at The Grove Mall is a yearly exhibition of 200 Tables filled with LEGO creations from the public and various clubs.  There are LEGO own creations and collections on display for the public to view and even some you can interact with.  Entrance is FREE.  Bring the family to experience the wonderful world of LEGO and see what our customers have done.  You can interact with them or just see what they have build.

We also have a competition where you get the chance to win R4000 worth of LEGO and a shop with great SPECIALS.

This is one event you cannot miss.  It's a great inspiration specially for all our kids, where they can see over 1,000,000 LEGO bricks.

There are lots of parking at The Grove Mall and it takes about 1 hour if you want to see all the creations.  (Most of the time you spend a bit more time as these LEGO creations is really something else:)).  

What is the LEGO Brick Fair?

Since 2011 we have started a get together of people who love building LEGO. It's been a bit of a show-off in a constructive way and although there are grown-ups with more LEGO than you can wish for, there are also kids with a few of their sets.

This year we have 201 tables filled with LEGO with well over 1,000,000 blocks of LEGO.  These are all LEGO that our loyal customers will exhibit to show-off what they collected / build with their LEGO bricks.

Come and give your kids some inspiration and enjoy the the wonderful world of LEGO.  This is one event this year you cannot afford to miss.  

When will the LEGO Brick Fair be?

Saturday 28 October from 9:00 - 18:00 and
Sunday 29 October from 9:00 - 14:00.  

Entrance is FREE.  It's a really fun event and your kids will love this.

Where will the LEGO Brick Fair be held?

It's in the basement parking lot of The Grove Mall (close to the movie entrance).  Click here to see the location:  The Grove Mall.

Will There be any LEGO on SALE?

There will be great LEGO specials with an additional shop at the fair to cater for the high volume of customers.
We have doubled our till points this year so the queue should not be too long.

LEGO Brickfair 2017

A few images of previous years